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HI嗨HIGH | 2021澳门ag新年派对

HI, LET'S GET HIGH! In this early winter, the best thing is that every thing we did together is interesting and full of passion. January 2021, in Shanghai Paramount Club, the GN Annual Party kicked off.


Jan 01,2021/

ANNUAL AWARDS | 2020澳门ag的橙子

GN Awards always keeps focus on the sociality, contemporariness and artistry, in order to solve the problems and creat nice newborn by design. 19 shortlisted works were selected this time, which with some interesting exploration and trying.


Jan 01,2021/


The results of the international architectural competition for the West District of Lijia Smart Park Innovation Center in Chongqing City were announced recently. The design by GN team, which named "vertical band spectrum, superimposed city", won the competition with the first professional score.


Dec 12,2020/


Qicheng Design ranked first in the "Medical Senior Care Classification Business List" in Di Magazine China's Civil Architectural Design Market Ranking.

2019-2020 · di Magazine 中百姓用修建设计市场排行榜于克日发布,澳门ag设计荣登“医调理老分类商业榜”第一位。

Dec 12,2020/

媒体报道 | 回到设计原点和兴味 - 风口上的康养设计

After real estate, the health care industry is becoming a field with great potential. From the beginning of the layout 10 years ago, after a steady path of advanced growth, Qicheng Design has become the leading company in the field of health care real estate design. Di Magazine reported on Qicheng Design.

房地产之后,康养财产正成为宏大风口。从10年前结构始,颠末稳扎稳打的进阶发展之路,澳门ag设计成为了康养地产设计范畴的头部公司。di Magazine由此对澳门ag设计举行了报道。

Dec 12,2020/

将快闪咖啡馆搬进康养展会 / 下一站 周五 广州见

On October 28, 2020, the 20th CHINA AID exhibition opened. Qicheng Design received hundreds of new and old customers with the coffee beans from FAEMA Italy and furniture from Avarte Finland.

2020年10月28日,第20届CHINA AID睁开幕,澳门ag设计践约表态,三天的展会欢迎了数百批次新老客户冤家。这一次,澳门ag将安宁的咖啡馆搬进了展厅,在意大利FAEMA现磨咖啡豆芬芳和芬兰Avarte家具情况里,坐上去渐渐聊。

Nov 11,2020/


2020 is a special year, which makes reunion extremely precious. In The Mid-Autumn Festival of every year, Qicheng always presents blessings and gifts. This time, Qicheng presents the TWG customized Mid-Autumn Festival gift box to the guests, including two mooncakes and blended tea specially made by TWG TEA.

2020是一个分外的年份,团聚在这一刻显得分外宝贵。每一年的中秋,澳门ag总是将祝愿携厚礼送上,本次澳门ag以TWG定制版中秋礼盒,奉送才子,除了两枚月饼外,另有TWG TEA为月饼专配的一款分配茶。

Sep 09,2020/

NEWS | 澳门ag设计获复兴·粤港澳大湾区生命安康复活活基地项目设计权

Qicheng Design won the bidding of GBA Life and Health New Life Base project, taking the charge of the comprehensive design and implementation of the project, which includes architecture, interior and landscape.


Sep 09,2020/